Our WindRiver Family Kitchen Table

May we never take for granted the
gift we have been given
to sit around our table
as we share the beauty
of simple food with our family
A place where we can always
add another chair and plate
to invite someone else
A safe place where
we take time
to listen and share
A place where
we enjoy food together
But also a loving platform
to teach,
instill Values and Truth
May it be a place where
we can freely share opinions
and build each other up
A place where
there is joyful laughter
A place where
it is safe to even cry
We so desire to
make every moment count
as we invest in the lives of others
of those we love
The ones who
way too soon
will be gone
to start their own haven,
their own traditions
Let our table be
a place of refuge,
of haven of peace
a place where
we build
lasting memories

by Marianne Laing